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The Garbage Lady is available to "talk trash."

How I Fell in Love
with Trash

A Message from
Jodi Taitt
The Garbage Lady & President
JL Taitt & Associates, Inc.

Turns Garbage into Gold

Jodi Taitt is known as The Garbage Lady. For 20 years, garbage has been her passion, profession and business. With a Master's Degree in Economics, Jodi has extensive experience in turning garbage into gold by developing and implementing public and private sector waste reduction, reuse, recycling and organic waste management strategies that work.

Transforms Solid Waste Management Problems
into Opportunities to Save Money

The former State of Minnesota Recycling Coordinator, Jodi Taitt established JL Taitt & Associates in 1996 to serve developers, building owners and architects in designing buildings to support efficient solid waste management systems. In 2000, JL Taitt & Associates diversified its operations to include waste reduction, reuse, recycling and organic waste management solutions for business and government. JL Taitt & Associates' corporate mission is to promote prosperity through waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting. The firm does this by transforming solid waste management problems into opportunities to save money.

JL Taitt & Associates
Project Teams Provide:
  • Integrated approaches to least-cost solutions
  • Waste audits & characterization studies
  • Waste reduction & reuse strategies
  • Recycling program evaluations
  • Food waste management strategies
  • Compost program development
  • Awareness, education & training programs
  • Public relations & communications campaigns

JL Taitt & Associates
Project Teams Serve:
  • Grocery stores, restaurants & hotels
  • Institutional foodservice operations
  • Manufacturers & retailers
  • State, county & city governments
  • Schools, colleges & universities
  • Commercial property management companies

FREE Consultation
Call JL Taitt & Associates at 763-504-2445 for a free initial consultation.

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